Joining Mad*Pow /
Closing Kahn+Associates

After a decade of serving clients in Paris, France, Kahn+Associates is history. But the exciting work of shaping User Experience in the digital world continues without a pause!

Paul Kahn is thrilled to announce he is joining Mad*Pow, America's leading UX company, based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Boston, Massachusetts.

He begins working as Experience Design Director with the Mad*Pow team in February, 2012. All enquiries concerning current work should be directed via the Mad*Pow website.

Paul wants to thank all his K+A clients, associates and friends for the great opportunities he has had to collaborate on projects in France since 2002.

In the coming month the website, so beautifully designed and coded by Eva-Lotta Lamm in 2007, will be replaced by a site containing selections of Paul Kahn's publications and a portfolio of his collaborations with colleagues at IRIS, Dynamic Diagrams and K+A.

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Moving to Newburyport, Massachusetts

Paul Kahn and Dominique Negel-Kahn are moving from Paris to Newburyport, Massachusetts to enjoy the New England weather. If they don't like it they know they just have to wait a few days. They can be found biking around the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.